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michael kors watch women black and rose gold “You don’t have a right to live in a world without bags of gay chips, and it doesn’t infringe on anyone’s private beliefs or practices if there’s a bag of gay chips omichael kors watches sale toronto ut there. The idea is to comfort LGBT teens who may be contemplating suicide because of bullying or isolation. “Michelle Obama’s probably going to call to thank me for getting so many right wing nuts to give up snacks.,ebay michael kors ladies watches “Michelle Obama’s probably going to call to thank me for getting so many right wing nuts to give up snacks.”Savage says the backlash to the LGBT Doritos is a perfect analogy for a general attitude towards gay rights.Even though Savage isn’t on the board or the staff of the current foundation, he’s Public Enemy Number One for many opponents of gay marriage, because of his public advocacy for gay rights and his often inflammatory comments about Christianity.womens michael kors sawyer burgundy watch

mk bags amazon “Frito-Lay has stepped into a cultural war. To them, Rainbow Doritos are just the latest example of corporate pandering to a gay-friendly agenda. Maybe they’ll be a little thinner.,wholesale china michael kors replica jewelry ” But Huckabee and his allies aren’t buying it. In a letter to Frito-Lay management, Huckabee urged them to sever ties with the It Gets Better Project because he said its creator, sex columnist Dan Savage, has a history of anti-Christian comments.” In a letter to over 100,000 pastors, Lane wrote that “tolerance for Frito-Lay’s brazen corporate support of hate speech by Dan Savage— that were it directed toward Muslims, would warrant a Justice Department investigation and prosecution— is chipping away at the very character and soul of the American experience.michael kors clutch orange

michael kors island bermuda perfume ” But he does think the It Gets Better project is particularly irksome to evangelicals because it speaks directly to kids who feel isolated for being gay, which are often kids withmichael kors watches sale toronto conservative or religious parents. “It’s hilarious to read that ‘we’re gonna boycott Doritos,’” Savage says. That’s why they’re going on the offensive against Dan Savage.,michael kors womens black vests Even if the the chips are out of stock, the fury of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and his allies has not faded.”Savage is no longer actively affiliated with tmichael kors watches sale toronto he It Gets Better Project, but he did start the idea of It Gets Better, a series of videos by prominent people assuring LGBT youth that if they’re being bullied, it won’t last forever. That’s why they’re going on the offensive against Dan Savage.michael kors outlet 290 phone number

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